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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Always Expect...

At Big Jake's you will always be served the most freshest and professional meal. My goal is 100% satisfaction, if it isn't what you expected and more I'll make you a new one. I serve everything freshly made the same day. Everything is made the way you want it, You're "The Boss" when it comes to how you want to be served. So how do you want it?

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Welcome Back Baseball 

Baseball has always been my heart and soul sport. It is a sport of wisdom and effort, heart and drive. It keeps me thriving each and everyday to want to DO BETTER! BE BETTER! and always remember where I've came from. You start off with a bat a ball and a glove and make the most out of each and every one of them. Trying to make the end result be the best result. Here at Big Jake's we strive to be the best and truly serve the best. You will love EVERY BITE to the last. We put our best into each and every meal to make YOU feel BETTER!

We hope to serve you soon! 

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The Sonoran Dog...

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Buns freshly made for each event...

The "Sonoran Hot Dog" is my Specialty Dog. It is served with Fresh Beans, Grilled Bacon, Onions, Tomatoes, Mayo, Mustard, Green Chili. With your choice of Dog, All Beef or Regular Dog. All my dogs are boiled in delicious seasoning, grilled and served in a steamed bun.

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