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What are you looking to serve?
Hot Dogs?
Hamburgers / Cheeseburgers?
Sub Sandwiches?
Meat Boards / Cheese and Cracker Boards?
Fruit Platters?
Spaghetti and Meat Balls?
Dessert Platters?
French Fries?
Corn Dogs?

What kind of catering are you wanting?

  • Live Catering?

My full team there to serve you and your guests. Cook the food live and fresh.

  • Buffet Style?

Looking for a more private setting serve yourselves. Food prepared and set up in chafers on a table setting.

  • Station Set Up?

Different meals served at different stationsServed pre-cooked and or platter set up.

What kind of setting is the event going to be?

  • Front Yard?

Depending on where the event is held, will determine what set up you can have at the event (Food Trailer or Hot Dog Cart with grill).

  • Back Yard?

If having the event in the back yard, Hot dog cart would probably be the only option. Unless you have an RV gate to be able to fit our food trailer through.

  • Inside the house?

Both set ups can be used at this event. Depending on what's being served One may be better than the other.

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